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gifcities.org -- image search for .gifs across the internet.

photopea.com -- online photoshop resource.

book4u.org -- library of books and articles for lit nerds. link changes often.

sadgirlonline -- site for website guidance p. 1.

w3schools.com -- site for website guidance p. 2.

sketchdaily.net -- sketching/drawing practice.

ange1fire.tumblr.com -- old web archive of blinkies, webpages, graphics, etc. thanku ange1fire/judas.

links of personal interest

artbible.info -- bible(s) accompanied with corresponding biblical 20th century art pieces.

purdue english theory -- critical theory for beginners. (gender, psychoanalysis, marxism, etc).

lostgirls -- blog of missing girl stories.

lain.htm -- lain fan and research site.

lynchnet.com/tp/ -- the every important twin peaks section of lynchnet.

dailyscript.com -- site of screenplays from different movies and tv shows.

zine collection -- archived collection of zines belonging to a number of subcultures…punk, goth, rave, extraterrestrial, etc.

david bowie & the occult -- omg this huge timeline of david bowie & some of his history with dabbling in esoteric practices throughout his life. 3am reading material.

elliott smith: an oral history

my favourite elliott smith song