age: 12

what will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems?

first band i got super into. before i just listened to the radio & glee covers. changed my taste forever.


age: 13

a sad fact widely known . . .


age: 14

i had to phone someone so I picked on you-u-u.

i got into the ‘60s/‘70s heavily around this time. bowie and glam rock became my everything.


age: 15

five fingers; they form a pattern yet to be matched.


age: 16

away. away. away.

2016 was a stressful year. this was its theme.


age: 17

my lips may promise but my heart is a whore.


age: 18

but if you're getting any bright ideas, quiet dear, i'm blooming within.

i graduate hs. i find fiona. & tori amos & pj harvey. i become a different type of girl.


age: 19

it's even funny when you stop to realize i'm just nineteen,

and how serious can anything be anyway? not very . . .


age: 20

for all the heroes who came along the way.

it took me exactly 20 days to make peace with my new age.

eulogy for the death of a teenager.


age: 21

maybe this song won't leave you.


age: 22 (present day)

cracked up, stacked up, **twenty-two**.

now that i'm finally 22, this song will be my theme for the next year. i will be running it to the ground.

thank u.